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If you can have a few, you can have fewer. 

If it doesn’t have an ‘s’,  you can have less.

Fewer drinks, fewer breaths, fewer reasons.

Less alcohol, less oxygen, less reason.

(First rule takes precedence.  So for plurals that don’t end in s if you can have a few of them it’s still fewer.  The first rule is actually the only one you need.  The other one just rhymes.)

My idea of rich is that you can buy every book you ever want without looking at the price and you’re never around assholes. That’s the two things to really fight for in life.

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I thought about being literal about heaven! And I was going to put ‘and I’m also maybe thinking about wings’ in the tags. But then I was like ‘no? is that too far? is that too corny?’ But it’s not! It’s wonderful and I need it and heaven!court and everything.

I need the whole Infeld Daniels crew to be there. And for Pindar to be really excited because heaven is so clean. But to be torn between being happy that there are no birds in heaven, but still kind of weirded out about angel wings.

I need Hanna to be an earth angel, who comes to collect Jared. (and is opposing council? but doesn’t try too hard because she likes Jared and knows that Peter loves Jared and there’s probably a balance thing too or something)

I need Carmen trying to dig up dirt on angels and willing to kick angel ass if it means keeping Jared on earth.

I need Stanton to tell some weird story about how he banged an angel once. …or was it a guy named angel? either way it was a wild weekend.

I need them run into Swatello and reluctantly ask if she wants to come with to save Jared and for her to think about it and then be like ‘….no. I’m busy.’ and then sort of squint at Jared before leaving.

I need Damien to be completely awkward in heaven because everyone is giving him the eye because his name is Damien. (maybe he tries to flirt with an angel and it doesn’t go well… and also maybe he helps Peter with research and mumbles something about how Jared isn’t terrible and how he doesn’t want to see Peter sad, and, really, what’s The Bash without Franklin and then pretend that he didn’t say anything) 

And most of all I need everything that you said. Yes. And I need Jared wanting to hope for the best, but expecting the worst and trying to get Peter to be okay with that. And Peter getting angry at Jared because it sounds like Jared’s giving up and doesn’t actually want to live.

They seriously need to just make us in charge of F&B.

OH SWATELLO YES YES YES<3333333  She’s so perfect, I can see her face.  But I have to keep pretending she doesn’t exist because her heterosexuality confuses my internals.

Also Hanna.  I love Hanna being against them, and she’d be all confused because heaven is a good deal for Jared when he had every chance of being sent the other way and she’s like ‘I TOTALLY PULLED STRINGS FOR YOU GUYS, don’t show me up’ and they try to be grateful but then do everything they know how to infuriate her in court and make her wonder why she even tried.  (It guts me how much more I would be looking forward to the new season if she was still there.)

(I don’t know why we’re not in charge of F&B yet.  They could just give it to us for season 5.  Or whatever season comes after the season it’s cancelled in its real form.  They could renew it just for a fandom run season and see how it goes.  It would be a great experiment.  And all of the other fandoms would look to us not to fail and we’d have to weigh that expectation against how much we just wanted to make Christmas episodes and hooker aus and emotional breakdowns.)



A romantic drama about the bond between two lawyers when one discovers he only has a month to live.

With some sort of punny tagline referencing law stuff, like…

"To save his partner’s life he’ll have to file an appeal to the highest court of all… heaven."


And I know you weren’t totally literal about heaven, but there’s a bit in original battlestar where they vaguely die and wear white and Starbuck has to cry and beg for Apollo’s life back from Devon from knight rider who isn’t really god but would be an amazing god.  That has nothing to do with this, except a film where they have a month to quickly learn heaven!law and find some loopholes and worry quietly about each other while trying to keep it light and bantery and Peter keeps pointing out how rubbish heaven is so that Jared won’t want to stay there, and then they try their case in front of Devon from Knight Rider would be the greatest film in the world and I would pay all my money.

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Jared secretly dying isn't the plot of the season, is it? I'd take it if Jared THOUGHT he was secretly dying and didn't tell Peter and GIMME ALL THE ISSUES AND THE ANGST. But no Jared really dying.

Jared dying is almost probably actually not the actual plot of the actual season but as far as Danny and I can see all the evidence points that way so far and it’s amazing.  Jared’s EYES.  Peter knowing something is wrong and worrying desperately.  Then finding out what is happening even though Jared won’t tell him, but not talking about it because Jared doesn’t want to talk about it so they both just try to talk about normal things while breaking inside and hiding meaningful moments inside jokes and alcohol.  Perfect awkward not talking about it funeral planning.  Jared thinking really he should have a bucket list but everything on his bucket list is basically spending MORE TIME with Peter and holding his hand.  (But yes, no, eventually they’re obviously going to find a magical cure, or that it was all a mistake, or something.  No dying.  That would be appalling.)


Sidney Poitier visiting Tony Curtis &amp; Jack Lemmon on the set of Some Like it Hot (1959)

Great picture - even if only because I never saw their outfits in colour before!


Sidney Poitier visiting Tony Curtis & Jack Lemmon on the set of Some Like it Hot (1959)

Great picture - even if only because I never saw their outfits in colour before!

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a) Oh the tininess of Jared’s hand.

b) One month feels like FOREVER.
c) Why do they look so sad please?  Make them stop.  Make them look at each other and smile.  Jared just looks like … like he’s secretly dying and hasn’t told Peter.  THIS HAS TO STOP.
a) Oh the tininess of Jared’s hand.

b) One month feels like FOREVER.

c) Why do they look so sad please?  Make them stop.  Make them look at each other and smile.  Jared just looks like … like he’s secretly dying and hasn’t told Peter.  THIS HAS TO STOP.



*heavy breathing*  We need to analyze the fuck outta these. Nuts to the followers who aren’t into F&B.

I’m gonna assume that Spirits in the Material World will be an angst fest of looking at each other when one thinks that the other is dying. Probably Peter thinking Jared is dying, but Jared doesn’t know that Peter thinks he’s dying and is very nonchalant about everything, and Peter is just like ‘Dude, why?’. There will be so much looking at each other.

I totally think those might be posh wedding kilts. Yes.

Obvs Peter is dancing with someone who’s not Jared because he totes trying to make Jared jealous. Maybe there was an insult to lawyering skills thrown around. Maybe there’s a dance competition and they aren’t being allowed to dance with each other and that’s what their case is about… unfair dance competition practices.

Does the rabbit mean more magic? Is Jared gonna make a bunny disappear?

Zombies and a funeral home?!? They love us so much.

I hope Good Cop/Bad Cop has some good lawyer/bad lawyer role playing.

Will Honor Thy Mother bring back Coleen? Or maybe Jared’s mom? That picture tells me nothing.

Casual outfits. :) But no sweaters or winter-y wear. :(

Pindar! :D But no Carmen. :( forever. And I don’t know why there’s a new girl because, I mean, that should be Carmen. She’s probably fine, but still. 

Damien’s back in a suit. But hopefully still full of being wild and drunk and hasn’t had a complete reset. 

Why are there only 10 episodes? I can’t deal with this. 

Still no summer christmas episode with jumpers and scarves and mittens.  ARE THEY EVEN TRYING? I feel your pain.

Spirits in the Material World!  You’ve totally just already made that episode better than that episode is actually going to be but that’s okay.  Maybe Jared really is dying in it and that’s why there’s a funeral home in the next episode.  f&b have nominated themselves for an emmy in the drama category rather than comedy.  Maybe it’s going to be a more dramatic season than we’re expecting. 

I had totally forgotten about Damien’s breakdown drunkenness!  I’m rubbish.  I fully expect them to totally reset him, but you never know.  Perhaps he’ll spend most of the season just screaming wildly in the corridors and getting high under his desk.  Maybe he’s in a suit because peter and Jared are defending him for … bunny related adventures.

In one interview Breckin said his favourite episode was the puppets, or the moms PLURAL so I think Colleen might well be back but also maybe a mother franklin.  I can’t even imagine what they’ll do with her. I hope it’s not awful.

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there is so much in these photos that i’m itching to analyze but i’ll hold back bc i get the feeling some of my new followers aren’t about f&b so much and i don’t wanna suddenly overwhelm though

i will mention though that toni trucks’ new character anita seems to be in a lot of these photos, which is pretty cool!!

No, followers who aren’t all about f&b can cope.  Look at these photos, look at them.  THEY ARE CASUALLY WEARING KILTS aren’t they?  Posh wedding suit type kilts?  More importantly there is one episode that has a title I don’t pick much up from and a photo where they are just looking at each other.  LET IT BE AN EPISODE WHERE THEY JUST LOOK AT EACH OTHER.  Is Peter dancing with someone in court that isn’t Jared?  That doesn’t seem realistic.  There is a RABBIT.  And Damien’s back.  And no Carmen.  And Peter in a funeral home <333333 And maybe near a zombie type person.  May they always and forever find ways to get Peter near dead people it’s the only thing they do that makes me feel they care about me as a demographic.